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John W. Wilson

John W. Wilson

Role: Pastor

Jack Wilson is our founding pastor and a lifelong resident of Western PA.

Jack graduated from Duquesne University with a degree in music education. He studied at Ligonier Valley Study Center with Dr. R.C. Sproul and then went to Pittsburgh Theological Seminary to study with Dr. John H. Gerstner where he received the Master of Arts degree magna cum laude.

Jack and his wife Connie live in Murrysville, PA.

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Sun, Apr 07, 2019
Series: Hebrews
Duration: 20 mins 5 secs
Last week in dealing with a warning passage we pressed on to the very important affirmation of better things concerning them. This week we move into that section to see just why he was convinced of better things and the reality of their Christian faith. I think the answer is surprising and can easily be misleading. We will try to lead in a straight path without losing the excitement of a surprise.
Sun, Mar 31, 2019
Series: Hebrews
Duration: 22 mins 32 secs
I don’t really agree with the assessment of many that the next paragraph we will take up in Hebrews is among the most difficult, even vexing, passages in all of Scripture. I see their point and hope you will also, but equally hope we will see the warning for what it is and profit from it. I believe the most difficult aspect of dealing with such passages is the fact that those for whom it should be a warning and wake-up call doze through it while others, who are really in no danger, become terrified. We will try to find that healthy balance of afflicting the comfortable and comforting the afflicted!
Sun, Mar 24, 2019
Series: Hebrews
Duration: 28 mins 55 secs
This week we move into a bit of a digression from the discussion of the high priestly ministry of Jesus. Many think it to be a teaching devise meant to motivate. It is that and more. One of many warning passages in Hebrews, this one confronts the sin classically known as sloth. Certainly the most misunderstood of “the seven deadly sins”. We will try to understand it and think about how to avoid it or climb out of it.
Sun, Mar 17, 2019
Series: Hebrews
Duration: 24 mins 36 secs
Picking up where we left off [in Hebrews], we are moving deeper into the quite extended and valuable discussion of Jesus’ role as our great High Priest. To get going this week we will compare the best high priest there could be with the vast superiority of Jesus.
Sun, Feb 24, 2019
Series: Hebrews
Duration: 21 mins 57 secs
I can’t let the short passage we looked at last time I preached go without another look. It may seem I exhausted those three verses but I don’t think I even came close! So, often I finish a sermon wishing for a “do over” but this time I simply wanted a “do more”. So a bit more about what our Great High Priest provides for us. And prayer requests this month.
Sun, Feb 10, 2019
Series: Hebrews
Duration: 20 mins 45 secs
Next up, IMHO, three of the most wonderful verses in the book of Hebrews. We have reached the beginning of the heart of the book – Jesus as our Great High Priest. The concluding verses of chapter 4 are the introductory passage to that great theme. And what an introduction! The truth of our High Priest, the compassion of our High Priest, and the implications for us of having so great an intercessor.
Sun, Feb 03, 2019
Series: Hebrews
Duration: 18 mins 12 secs
Moving forward just a few verses in Hebrews we come to what is probably the best known sentence in the book, and possibly the most misunderstood and misused. We will try to get it right Sunday as we think about the powerful, penetrating power of the Word.
Sun, Jan 27, 2019
Series: Hebrews
Duration: 14 mins 42 secs
Sun, Jan 13, 2019
Series: Hebrews
Duration: 22 mins 5 secs
Nearing the end of a busy week and looking forward to a busy and yet peaceful Lord’s Day. We are taking a fairly big chunk of Hebrews as we finish chapter 3 this week.
Sun, Jan 06, 2019
Passage: Hebrews 3:1-6
Series: Hebrews
Duration: 20 mins 47 secs
The new year is here and still pretty new. So, what a great way to greet it – communion Sunday. First we will sing and pray together and get back to Hebrews. A look at Moses and Jesus and ourselves. Hope to give us all some good thoughts for the new year.
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