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Sun, Dec 25, 2016

Swan Song

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And so this is Christmas. People keep asking, “Are you ready for Christmas?” Well, ready or not here it is. Connie is cooking, cleaning, all that, I am working on sermons and helping by staying out of her way. We will be ready. Together we have been trying to be ready, in the spiritual sense anyway, really the most important way, by Advent services and activities. Now the day is just about upon us. Christmas Eve we will gather as we usually do and do a good bit of singing, hear some familiar Scripture, and be thinking a bit about those folks too often thought of as minor characters in the Christmas story. Too easy to think of ourselves as minor characters also even when Paul corrects that with the image of the Body and so on. Let’s see why we are important to our Lord and to one another.
Duration:22 mins 57 secs
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