Sunday School: 9:30 am

A variety of classes are offered through our Sunday School ministry. These classes vary from quarter to quarter and range from basic to advanced Biblical, historical, and theological studies. Four core classes are also offered on a rotating basis.

  • Foundations for Christian Living
  • Old Testament and New Testament Survey
  • Basic Christian Doctrine
  • Evangelism

To discover which classes are currently being offered, simply ask, or check the signs found outside each of the adult classrooms in the educational wing.

Fellowship: Come one, come all!

Monthly after church lunch-in: Once a month (on the Third Sunday of most months) we have an all church lunch immediately following the Sunday Worship Service. Everyone brings a covered dish, if you don't have one come anyway, there is always plenty of food and we all eat well. We love to have fun and enjoy each others company!

Moments and Memories (M&Ms)

Once each quarter on the first Wednesday at noon: Our seniors meet for lunch and a short program. The program and decorations are appropriate to the season of the year - April (Spring), July (Independence Day), October (Fall), December (Christmas). The meal is often catered and always includes dessert and of course M&Ms!

Anselm Ministries: Faith Seeking Understanding

Anselm Ministries is a Biblical counseling and teaching ministry that seeks to support the pastoral ministry of our church. To accomplish these ministry goals we offer the following services: 

  • Individual and marital counseling
  • Pastoral consultation
  • Seminars on Biblical personal ministry
  • Formal classroom teaching on Biblical counseling

Anselm Ministries DOES NOT CHARGE for its counseling or consultation services. As a resource for the local pastor and members of the body of Christ, we seek to provide this service as freely as the grace Christ offers us in salvation.

Part of this work is done here at New Covenant Presbyterian Church on Thursday evenings.

To contact someone from Anselm please call the church office at 412-856-5717.

To find out more about Anselm Ministries visit the website.