Seeking to be scriptural in both government and doctrine

The form of church government that we believe is most biblical is called “Presbyterian”.  This means that the local churches are governed by elders. There are two kinds of elders.

  • Teaching elders are pastors.
  • Ruling elders are ordained laymen.

The church is governed by the "session", which is made up of the teaching elder (pastor) and ruling elders who are elected by the church members.  The elders are responsible for the ministry of God's Word and the overall spiritual health of the members.

Another group of leaders within the church are the deacons.  These men are ordained laymen who are called to minister to physical and spiritual needs.  Deacons look to provide for the physical church facility needs, but much more importantly the needs of people both within New Covenant PCA and the local community around us.  They show God's mercy and grace by placing "hands and feet" to the Gospel of Jesus.